Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Advantages of Traditional Shopping

Traditional shopping means going directly to the physical stores and purchasing the items by shopping. There is no mediator between seller and buyer in this traditional shopping. There are different benefits of the traditional shopping such as:
  • Customer can purchase the products directly by making selections by watching, touching, smelling, tasting, etc.
  • They are near and easily available to the customers. So they can get the items immediately.
  • Customers can get numerous options to purchase anything at lower prices at any time.
  • There is less confusion, because customer shops directly from physical stores.
  • Customer can save the money by getting the products at lower prices and by getting the discounts from local store owners. Generally store owners give good discounts for regular customer.
  • Shopper can compare prices in different stores so that he or she can purchase an item at lower cost and with good quality.
  • Shopper can visit many stores, so he or she has several choices to shop in different stores. If the shopper is not satisfied with products in one shop then he can move to another shop and purchase.
  • Traditional shopping can be good time pass and it can be exercise to shoppers.
  • It is easy to return the product, if the customer gets the incorrect product or damaged product.
  • There is no worry about security, like fraud and lack of privacy, etc in online shopping.
So these are the benefits of the traditional shopping.

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